One of a kind.

Its all starts with a plan or concept. Randy meets with the client to discuss vision, ideas, utility and design. From there your project is sketched out and given to you for your approval. From there, it goes into production. Every project receives individualized attention. From fabrication, to assembly, then from finishing touches to installation, there is only one set of hands. Unlike big production companies, the same man that you sat with to share your vision is the same man that will be creating and installing your project. Randy prides himself on customer satisfaction and believes that every client deserves to have a piece that is set apart from the rest. Every piece of furniture, every door, every set of cabinets are one-of-a-kind pieces that you will be proud to own.


Solid construction.

Whether it’s a piece of furniture, a door, or custom cabinets, time-proven methods are used in fabricating each piece. All pieces are fabricated using either mortise and tenon joinery or dovetail joinery depending on the design of the piece. In producing authentic Spanish Colonial Furniture, these joints are made using hand tools that were used by those craftsman for over 100 years. There are no shortcuts to cut costs. Just high standards and time-proved construction methods that result in solid pieces that won’t fall apart after a move, won’t peel over time.


Pieces for a lifetime.

When purchasing a piece of furniture from Spanish Traditions you are not only buying something you yourself will use and enjoy for many years to come but you are also buying a piece that can be handed down to future generations. Because of the solid construction, furniture from Spanish Traditions remains in almost the same condition as the day it arrives at your home, save for any character markings made along the way. Because you have an active role in the design pieces, there is a part of ‘you’ in every piece of furniture. What a gift to be able to pass on to a loved one.


Artistry meets passion.

While many people are passionate about woodworking, there is a vast difference between a hobbyist and a skilled craftsman. The difference is usually in the hours poured into the craft, the years it takes to refine skills or develop new methodologies. It is in the amount of innovation over imitation. It is the difference between doing it in your spare time and it being so much a part of who you are that you can’t imagine ever doing anything else. While everyone starts somewhere, there’s something to be said for entrusting a true craftsman with the construction of your furniture.

The craftsmanship Spanish Traditions is often trusted with taking vague ideas or general descriptions and translating that into a design. Often clients know what they want but because they aren’t artists themselves, are unable to design a piece themselves. Spanish Traditions views each piece as a work of art where the wood is the medium. The passion and love for building pieces out of wood is further elevated by the art of carving which results in a beautiful piece you will love.


Techniques passed down.

Spanish Traditions is all about carrying on the heritage of the Spanish Colonial period of New Mexico. Craftsman Randy Trujillo has studied the history of Spanish Colonial furniture from its humble beginnings that valued function over flash to the incorporation of more intricate design as time went on. Pieces from Spanish Traditions pays homage to this ancestry by using the same techniques and remaining true to the art form. Big box stores can offer furniture with the click of a button and at cheap prices. But when you purchase a piece from Spanish Traditions, you are helping to keep this tradition alive.



Spanish Traditions is able to produce furniture in many different styles which include French, Contemporary, Arts & Craft. True passion lies in the production and/or reproducing of Spanish Colonial style furniture. This does not mean that other styles receive any less attention. The utmost pride is taken in producing every piece of furniture. Pieces can incorporate simple or intricate carvings. While some shops can produced carvings using a machine, Spanish Traditions does all carving by hand in an effort to maintain true craftsmanship.


When the unfortunate time comes to bury your loved one there are many decisions to be made. If they wished to be cremated, we are here to assist you in creating a one-of-a kind, hand-made, personalized urn. We understand this is a difficult time and go to great lengths to to extend compassion to the family. We meet with them to learn about their loved one; who they were, their interests, passions, etc. We then construct the urn using dovetail joinery and hand carve their name, the days of birth and death, and any other symbol or wording that is significant.

Additional Services

Additional services provided by Spanish Traditions are as follows:
These can include everything from a Statement Entry Door to solid wood interior doors.
Attention-grabbing cabinets are fabricated and made unique by details like carvings, finishes, and hardware.
Other services (include, but are not limited to):
• Fireplace mantels
• Corbels
• Virtually any project you can imagine produced from wood.

High-quality furniture and fine woodworking that lasts for generations